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Hello Health!

So….this is my first post!  I’m super excited to start blogging about my journey to marrying my best friend and life beyond.  I have been a long time blog reader, yet I never thought I could write my own….crazy huh?  Well, maybe because I’m that “perfectionistic” type, I have to prove myself wrong!  More importantly, I’m looking forward to this unique outlet that will hopefully keep me motivated to be my best “ME.”

My fiancee and I just got home from a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas.  I enjoyed it so much, yet with the plethora of goodies available, I certainly wasn’t feeling…you know…healthy.  The one thing I have been craving since we got off the dreaded red eye flight, was fruit salad! 

So this afternoon, after a much needed lazy Saturday morning, we headed to the grocery store, and I got all the fixings needed for a gigantic fruit salad beauty!

I’m looking forward to digging in, and I’m also looking forward to embarking on this new adventure where my fiancee and I hope to be “forever fit together” ;)!


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  1. Great job honey, and best of luck. I love and support you so much!

  2. Great job honey, and best of luck! I love and support you all the way!


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