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A Great Run

I set out for my third run of the week this morning with my fiancee, not sure whether it was going to be a good one or not.  Last night, we ordered our usual Friday night pizza, and after eating it, my stomach just felt off.  I woke up feeling much better, but I decided to switch from my normal oatmeal routine and had a slice of whole wheat toast with PB & banana.  I also had about a cup and half of coffee.  We set out for the running trail by the river, and go figure, it was humid again!  I think there should be a rule that once September 1st arrives, the temperatures cannot go past 70 degrees.  I just love fall and the cooler temps it brings with it. 

So we got going, and this was my second time to use my Garmin.  Let me just say that I’m already obsessed with this gizmo!  After a 5 minute warm up, we started running and I looked down to see a 9:35 pace.  I had tons of energy, and with some new songs on my ipod, I just kept going.  I got to the point where I wanted to finish the first mile under 10 minutes.  I knew this would probably be a bad idea, since I wanted to run 3 miles today, but once I knew the challenge was attainable, I just went for it.  Sure enough, I finished in 9:56.

After that achievement, the woozy stomach set in, and I knew I had a ways to go before the end.  I realize that my breakfast might have been a tad on the heavy side, so I need to keep experimenting with pre-run fuel.  But, I kept trucking and did end up taking two walking breaks for about a minute each.  I finished the last 1/2 mile strong though and ended with 3.01 miles in 32:52.  Yes, quite slow for some, but for me I’m excited :).  I shaved 10 seconds off my time from Thursday evening’s run, and I know each run adds up.

Looking forward to my next run Monday!


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