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Hi there!  I’m Gretchen, 26, newly engaged and excited to share my journey with you!  I have been a long time blog reader and am excited to join the blogging community with my own little space.

My fiancee and I live in Northeast PA where I work full-time in finance.  Although it’s a great job with lots of flexibility, the amount of travelling and stress have made it a great “excuse” to fall off the healthy living bandwagon.  On our way home from vacation to Las Vegas, I finally got the guts to put my journey onto the web for all to see.  With hours to kill before our red eye flight home, we found ourselves sitting in a random aiport sports bar googling away on our phones.  When asked what I was reading, we started talking about blogging, since I obviously enjoy reading them and the motivation they give me.  So that started the juices flowing.  With a Mrs. Fields double fudge brownie and a Michelob Ultra in hand, the name “forever fit together” came to me….crazy huh?  We’re getting married on August 18, 2012, and we both want to embrace our healthiest selves between now and then.  I also know that sweets and beer won’t get us very far ;).  While our lives fit together as best friends, we also want to be fit and make the most out of every day before and after we say “I DO.”

I hope you enjoy!  I’m looking forward to the motivation and inspiration as I count down the months to our dream day and beyond!


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