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Monday over? Check!

I made it!!! I was really dragging this morning.  I had a “woe is me” fest last night, thinking about getting back to work, and I think I actually hit snooze about 5 times…eek!  But once I made it to work, there was so much to catch up on, that I literally had no time to sulk.  Hey, whatever it takes to snap you out of a funk right?

So, I’m still getting used to this “blogging thing” so I completely forgot to snap a pic of breakfast.  Of course, I ate spoonfuls while applying my makeup.  How attractive.  So below is a pic of breakfast before assembly…on the back porch…at night 😉


I hardly had time to breathe today, and I really wasn’t that prepared for a real “lunch”.  I tend to eat between 1 and 1:30, so I grabbed an Almond & Apricot KIND bar for lunch, along with some leftover fruit salad.  Definitely not enough, but I think my stomach’s still full from vacation mode!


I leave to go away on business for a few days, so I packed my suitcase when I got home…insert sad face.  Keith had marinated some chicken this afternoon, and he also cut up a sweet potato into fries while I paid the necessary bills.  I also made the best salad!  I tore some romaine leaves and chopped the rest of a tomato used for Saturday’s burger disaster.  I topped it with some low fat cheddar, walnuts, a bit of honey and lemon olive oil…yum!



I’m typing furiously so that I can head straight for the couch and watch the Bachelorette!!  I’ve heard it’s a doozy of an episode!

I probably won’t be able to blog until I return Thursday night.  I don’t have a personal lap top, so blogging may be a bit difficult…bye for now!


The Sunday Night Blues

Don’t you just hate that feeling of angst that sets in after a long vacation?  When you look at the clock every five minutes, knowing there’s nothing you can do to prevent work from being right around the corner?  Well, that’s where I’m at!  Hello Sunday night blues 😦 . 

In spite of feeling a little down about getting back to the “grind” tomorrow, we had a relaxing day.  After our long snooze session, we got ready and went to see the new X Men movie.

  Even though I’m not a huge fan of these kind of movies, I surprisingly liked it a lot more than I thought.  I passed up the popcorn, but I couldn’t bypass the Starbust gummies….yum!

After the movie, we went to one of our fave pizza places to grab a beer and order some dinner to take home.  Kelsey’s has some of the best pizza around, with sweet sauce and the perfect thin crust.  Keith’s great aunt actually created the sauce, so of course we have to be loyal 😉 .

When we got home, we chowed down on the pizza (my half with mushrooms and black olives), and some chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks.  Our dog, Kimber, ate half of my appetizers… she balances it all out of course :).


I just packed up my work clothes for the gym tomorrow morning.  It’s going to be super tough to see the glaring 6:00 on my alarm clock tomorrow, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back in shape and back into a routine!

I’m off to relax a bit….good night!

And the Jet Lag Continues…

Wow, I would have thought by now, my “clock” would be back to east coast time, not so much!  We stayed up until 2:30am last night, watching everything from the original X MEN movie to Ren & Stimpy.  Upon trying to fall asleep, the lovely Kory Cat decided to nuzzle and keep me up pretty much all night.  I didn’t roll out of bed until 12:30 today, and I’m definitely feeling the effects…blah.

I meandered to the kitchen this morning and took Kimber out and made my coffee. 


 Not really that hungry, I filled a bowl with fruit salad and had some Quaker Oatmeal Squares ( love them!!) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 


I didn’t get to catch this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of NJ, so I sped my way through that.  Why am I addicted to their frivoulous and crazy antics?  Hmm.. maybe I secretly want brunette hair extensions and a Land Rover.  Or maybe not.

Well I’m off to shower, get ready, and go with the fiancee to see the new X MEN movie… have a great afternoon!

The Burger That Wasn’t

Today was a perfect day for a home cooked, summer dinner.  After living on restaurant food for a week, I was excited to get in the kitchen and make our own meal.

We decided on Omaha Steak burgers that we’ve had in the freezer since Christmas.  The package we ordered also came with these amazing twice baked potatoes.  Unfortunately, neither of us set them out to thaw, so I had to defrost the burgers in the microwave….oops.  While everything was cooking, I boiled some corn on the cob, and Keith grilled the burgers.  When he placed the finished product on the buns, they looked like black, burnt hockey pucks ;(.  I think the defrosting did them in. 

After our half-wonderful meal, we took our little bundle of joy, Kimber, on an evening walk.  It’s actually only in the 60s tonight, so it was  a little chilly.  But she loved every second of it…crazy girl!

I’m off to chill with a movie & some fruit salad.  Have a great night!

Hello Health!

So….this is my first post!  I’m super excited to start blogging about my journey to marrying my best friend and life beyond.  I have been a long time blog reader, yet I never thought I could write my own….crazy huh?  Well, maybe because I’m that “perfectionistic” type, I have to prove myself wrong!  More importantly, I’m looking forward to this unique outlet that will hopefully keep me motivated to be my best “ME.”

My fiancee and I just got home from a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas.  I enjoyed it so much, yet with the plethora of goodies available, I certainly wasn’t feeling…you know…healthy.  The one thing I have been craving since we got off the dreaded red eye flight, was fruit salad! 

So this afternoon, after a much needed lazy Saturday morning, we headed to the grocery store, and I got all the fixings needed for a gigantic fruit salad beauty!

I’m looking forward to digging in, and I’m also looking forward to embarking on this new adventure where my fiancee and I hope to be “forever fit together” ;)!